I Forgot It Was Easter

Yep. I admit it. A couple of weeks ago, Jared asked if any of us Rogues wanted to write about Easter this year. And I realized that I had completely forgotten it was coming up. The enemy didn’t even have to do a whole lot to set that trap. I just got busy. My job consumes about 80% of my life, and I don’t make a lot of room in my mind for much else.

Notice that I said I don’t make room. I’m trying to tell you that I have a choice here. I have a choice what I remember and what I don’t. I choose to flood my mind with work-related stuff, even when I’m at home. I choose what to prioritize. And this year, Easter is not something I have prioritized. But there is every reason to ruminate on its importance.

Today is Good Friday, a day meant for contemplation of Jesus’ suffering. But I want to focus on that one guy hanging next to Him. As many of you know, there was a man who was crucified with Christ that asked for Jesus to remember him. Of course, Jesus said that man would be with Him in paradise that very day. If you want to read the full moment, check out Luke 23:39-43. Jesus did not forget this man, whom His Father created. Though Jesus’ mind was flooded with dying-related stuff, He was fully aware of the man begging Him for salvation.

What I’m trying to say is that, though I clearly forgot a holiday that represents God’s ultimate gift for us, He has not forgotten me. He has not forgotten you. In fact, God is with us in every moment – Immanuel. Jesus carried a heavy burden and received the brutal punishment that we deserve. Good Friday is not a day to make us feel guilty for killing Jesus. It is a day for remembering His great love for us. It is a day for honoring His sacrifice. The veil that separated us from God Himself was torn the moment Jesus said, “It is finished!” From that point on, not only was God to always remember us, He was to be with us fully, all the time. That is what makes this Friday so incredibly good.

A very happy Easter to you and yours. Christ has risen indeed.


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6 thoughts on “I Forgot It Was Easter

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    1. It’s nice to know I’m not the only forgetful one around here. 🙂 And it’s even nicer to know we have a God who adores us. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I often think Easter is pointless because we celebrate Jesus every Sunday. But if the world is extra alert, I’m willing to get into it! And it’s good to EXTRA remember his resurrection, so we don’t grow complacent.

    Thanks for your words!

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