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Jared’s a park ranger at a zoo, loves mentoring people and leads a house church. He’s convinced Millennials will improve the world precisely by questioning and renewing institutions like churches.
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Andy K. is a fool (and anything he says should be considered with that in mind). He is a follower of Christ and a non-commissioned priest. He believes the church has strayed from what it was intended to be. He wants to see the church become something the world sees as Holy, and sees Christians as “faithful servants” to outcasts, the lonely, the poor, the mourning, and in general the lost. He believes in a division of labor in which ministry is done less by “professional” ministers, and more by individuals acting as “Priests” for Christ in their own communities. When he isn’t at work framing homes, he enjoys fishing, camping, reading history and sci-fi novels. And pizza. With anchovies.
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Cheri, a female non-commissioned priest, loves Jesus and knows in her spirit that He will redeem us all.  She also knows that the point of it all is relationships. She loves being in the mess, so she made sure to be a counselor in an elementary school. When she isn’t getting messy with small children or young adults, she binge-watches Ancient Aliens with her cat.
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Elio leads and teaches in house churches and small groups for young adults. He likes trying to see things from new angles and is dedicated to encouraging Believers to develop deeper roots through intimacy with God and fellow Christians, through spiritual disciplines like prayer and a commitment to Scriptures.
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Andrew B. is a young adult serving in “marketplace ministry” just like the apostle Paul. He mentors Millennials, is passionate about the Kingdom of God and loves talking with others about how to improve churches so they better represent Jesus’ teachings. He lives in Florida and has a passion for Guatemala and missions!
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  1. Hi Jared, Andy, Cheri, Elio and Andrew! I was referred to your blog by Agent X over at Fat Beggars School of Prophets. I am not a millennial, but a 42-year-old mom of some up-and-coming millennials. However, I share many of your thoughts/feelings about the American evangelical church, and also (to quote Andy) want “to see the church become something the world sees as Holy” and for Christians to be “‘faithful servants’ to outcasts, the lonely, the poor, the mourning, and in general the lost.” There may be more of us “older Christians” working to this same end than you know. I look forward to reading future posts!

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    1. Thank you so much for the encouraging word! Since starting, we’ve come to realize this is definitely a sentiment that crosses generational borders! It’s refreshing to know there are so many of us seeking reform and asking how we can serve God in a way closer to His heart!


  2. I came to visit because you had left a follow on my blog. First off, I will say your name at first made me feel defensive because I have always been very “churchy” and I owe so much of my blessed life to my upbringing in the church. However, let me continue. I sadly agree that the church has changed to the point that the church needs changing. I see very little soul changes anymore. I left my life long church denomination about three years ago and joined a different denomination. Before I did so, I went on a “Jesus Quest” by visiting several “successful” (meaning big) churches and found very little teaching or singing about Jesus. It seems “God” has become so generic almost anyone can “worship” together for one hour on Sunday morning. And the rest of he week doesn’t mean much. I see very few life style changes. The word relationship is dominate and it is the key to knowing Jesus, but knowing him still means some “dying to self” and showing some signs of good deeds. Love is the theme and it is a good theme but if it is true love, there will be some demand to sacrifice oneself. All that glitters is not gold; when Jesus said “Follow me,” the way may not glitter.

    All that, Dear Ones, means I pray abundant blessings on your ministry and on your goal to Re-Build Church. Don’t give it up. It is the means of fellowship, education, missions and evangelism as established by New Testament teaching. The fact is that there are still fellowships of Christians (called churches) stuck away in nooks and crannies, unsung and not carrying a lot of clout but still depending upon Jesus and still doing his ministry. Those churches are not widely popular and not widely known. Go with blessing and build some more!

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    1. Thank you for your encouragement! We love what God is doing in his Kingdom today, and we hope to grow and be a bigger part of it. I think you are exactly right – relationships are key! Our relationship with Christ, our relationship with other Believers, our relationship with the world, and never forget our relationship with our own disciples – the young people we pour into so the next generation doesn’t lose sight of Him!

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