The Gospel vs. Church

Author credit: A fellow Rogue Millennial that wishes to remain anonymous My wife and I recently quit going to church… for good. Now before we get in to why, let’s talk about some things that are important to know: 1) I am a lesbian. 2) I am happily married to my wife for 8 years.... Continue Reading →

Oh, the places they’ve been…

I just recently returned from a yearly mission trip to Guatemala. This was my third trip, and most of the activities were feeling fairly "old hat." I knew what to do, when to do it, and almost exactly what to expect. We visited two villages, spending two days in each village. We offered medical, dental,... Continue Reading →

The H Word: The Overuse and Abuse of the Word “Heresy”

Recently, I was reading a book on faith and theology from the local public library. I’ve been able to get back to reading about faith and theology as a hobby rather than academic “work”, and I’ve been loving it. With this particular book, I was deeply engaged in it and its call to reexamine common... Continue Reading →

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