Not Today Satan: A Mission Trip Perspective (Part 2 of 3)


Journal entry: We get to leave for Guatemala today! We flew into Guatemala City and met up with our contacts there, Dr. Tito and a few of the team members. We loaded up all our luggage and headed straight for Puerto Barrios. Normally we go to Antigua but due to the delays we had to go to Puerto Barrios right away to start clinics the next day. This trip could be a smooth 8 hour trip or a crazy 20 hour trip as many teams run into construction on the cross-country journey. We think we have have roads bad in Tennessee but it doesn’t even compare to roads in Guatemala. Luckily for us it was the smooth 8 hours and we got to Puerto Barrios at a decent hour.

Copy of Copy of 20180722_180432.jpg

We got to eat dinner right before the local restaurant closed. Then it was time for us to hit the hay and get some shut eye for the first round of clinics that were scheduled tomorrow.

We work in a various capacity at clinics from Pharmacy, to Dental, VBS/ Children’s ministry, to Optical, and even water filters and washing of feet just like Jesus did with the disciples. We washed the feet of the women there to show them how much we love them and we recognize how much they mean to God and their families. Women there are treated less than their male counterparts and we get to spoil them for one day which is always a fun time for our team and their ladies.


The first and second day in the jungle we return to a village we have been to before: Creek Maya. Creek Maya has a huge hill to climb up to be able to get to the clinic site. These two days the heat is critical, we are reaching temps of 115F+ regularly and reaching as high as 120F+ at times. We are unpacking, walking up hills with equipment, setting the clinic up in order to begin.

Clinics seem to go as planned besides the outrageous heat. We do have one person end up getting dehydrated and a little sick due to weather and heat. She made a full recovery. Satan even in these small moments was trying to ruin the good works God had planned for us to do. We were able to lean on Him and be thankful that he is the great physician.

We also got a pleasant surprise as well: a few of us know one of the villagers really well, his name is Guillermo and we were able to see him and his new baby that had just been born in the village. This was a glimpse that we needed and I know that God provided to show us that he is still present and he knows what’s going on and what the devil is trying to throw our way.

Our third and fourth day we traveled to a new village called Machaquitas el Chiclero. It was closer to the area in which we stay. We did clinics on these days as well but we started to see how the devil was trying to win and how our thoughts started changing and how we realized how much he was attacking our group and how attitudes changed those last couple of days we were there.

I want to point out there were a lot of high points to this week as well and we don’t want to overlook that and overlook all the work that GOD has done. So we got to see over 100+ patients in dental alone which was my area. That is uncommon since it takes time depending on the procedure.

We got to interact with the kids all week and show them how much Christ loves them and we got to teach them about the Good Shepherd and how God is our Shepherd. We also got to spend time with the Guatemalan team, making new friends and catching up with old friends. We got to see God heal people, we got to be used to share his love and in return he gets all the glory for it. We got to grow together as the body of Christ. SpiritualWarfare

So what else happened this week? How was there spiritual warfare? How did the rest of this trip go? Stay tuned to find out how the trip ended. I promise you; you wont want to miss the conclusion of this three part series. Know God is bigger than Satan and God will overcome all.  Tune in the conclusion will be out on Friday

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