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We are Millennials who love Jesus deeply but worry when we look around at the “church.” Is it what is should be? If so, dear Lord… literally. After digging deeper into Scripture and faith-life and history and relationship, we expected to find a shipwreck and discovered a treasure trove.

We’ve found something surprisingly encouraging: the Church is so much more than we ever imagined. And we’ve found something challenging – the way we do “church” in America specifically, Western Civilization generally, doesn’t really reflect what Christ described or what the original Disciples launched. Nor does it look particularly similar to what the first 300 years of Believers practiced or what “church” looks like today in persecuted countries around the world. Maybe, just maybe… maybe we missed something, maybe we lost something along the way, maybe there’s a better way of doing church. And knowing that other ways of doing church have changed the world opens up a new hope.

Maybe, just maybe, these new ways of doing church are ways that Millennials would love, ways that meet real needs, ways that hurt less people, ways that better reflect Christ and His values. We’re glad you could join us for our journey as we learn and share and reflect and grow!

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