Ministry Spotlight: Love Local

By now, many of you know that we like to discuss both serving and giving on this website. One of the most important things to us as Rogue Millennials is practical application of faith. Giving to and serving others is just about as practical as it gets! So, in an effort to provide our dear... Continue Reading →

Stalking Allowed

Thanks for following our journey as we explore what it is to live out the faith and walk hand-in-hand with the Spirit (with a little dash of rebellion tossed in for good measure). We love reading your comments! After all, controlling dialogue and avoiding discussion of things that really matter are some of our frustrations... Continue Reading →

Just A Simple Little Question

Definition of why 1. : for what cause, reason, or purpose <why did you do it?> I have always found it fascinating how much such a simple question can have such a huge effect in our lives. As children it burns within us. As we learn and try to make sense of this world, it... Continue Reading →

The Dwindling (Active) Church Member

From Dr. Rick Chromey, some thoughts on church reform – from revisiting the nature and length of sermons to providing more time to connect authentically, from considering new perspectives on worship to reminding ourselves of the central position of sacraments. Enjoy!


EmptyPewHouston has a problem.  So does Phoenix, Seattle, Denver, St. Louis and other cities.

But it ain’t just in the big towns.  Small town and rural USAmerica are experiencing the crunch too.  It’s a problem so big that Thom Rainer, a notable church researcher rightly observed:

“About 20 years ago, a church member was considered active in the church if he or she attended three times a week.  Today, a church member is considered active in the church if he or she attends three times a month.”

In his apologetic, Rainer cites five reasons for this shift:

  1. The local church has been minimized.
  2. Americans idolize their activities.
  3. We take vacations from church.
  4. Members aren’t held to high expectations.
  5. Churches make infrequent attendees leaders.

While I appreciate Rainer’s astute analysis, I do think the real reasons are much deeper, even different.  Yes, times have changed.  There’s no question the local church has lost…

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A Breakup Letter to Theology

From a Rogue friend’s blog, Borderland – check out what Adam McBroon is up to, bringing a Millennial view to Theology and Faith!


Dear Theology,

This is hard for me to say, and I don’t know where to start…

But I think we should take a break…I think we should see other people…I need some space…you get the idea.

I’m breaking up with you, and I want you to understand why.

When this whole thing started between us, it was new and exciting. You seemed so intense, complex, mysterious; and dare i say it, sexy. We had this whirlwind romance between us and it seemed so perfect. I even had part of my identity wrapped up in you as an aspiring theologian.

But things have changed, because I’ve had some realizations, and it’s only fair that I make them known to you.

Sometimes, you really seem to love drama.

One would think that studying you would help to bring believers closer together and unify them. Not really. I can’t tell you how many…

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