Our Beliefs

We have worked long and hard to summarize what it is that we stand for. To focus the vision and set a foundation for why we do what we do. We have narrowed down all of these in the following six posts; which we have set as the layers in which our foundation is built.

  1. Reformation: The First Layer of Our Foundation.
    All Churches require regular, periodic reform to remain loyal to Christ.
  2. Repentance: The Second Layer of Our Foundation.
    All churches , just like individuals, must acknowledge and repent of sins and failures.
  3. Hope: The Third Layer of Our Foundation.
    Millennials will leave their mark on the Kingdom, challenging churches to reform and re-envision practical ways to be the Church and exercise faith.
  4. Diversity: The Fourth Layer of Our Foundation.
    God’s Church is diverse in forms of expression and full of rich diversity.
  5. Grace: The Fifth Layer of Our Foundation.
    God desires relationship with all. God can use all to serve regardless of past failures or background. All are welcome, and all means all. Churches must relearn this grace to return to relevance in the world.
  6. Calling: The Sixth Layer of Our Foundation.
    Every Believer is called to and responsible for practicing their own personal ministry. By treating their lives and where God has each and everyone of them as their own personal ministries.

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