Grace: The Fifth Layer of Our Foundation

It is God’s desire that every person becomes a believer; and every believer is able to serve in God’s Kingdom regardless of their background or past failures – we call this practicing personal ministry.

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“Grace, grace, God’s grace… Grace that is greater than all our sin…” Words from one of my favorite hymns when I was growing up. I’ve heard all about grace my whole life, but I finally realize how little I really understand it. I finally realize how endless it is. But do I fully understand it? No way. And I don’t have to! In order to receive God’s grace, you do not need a PhD in salvation. You just need an open heart and a genuine desire to exist in relationship with God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. And once you walk through that door, you will find yourself in the most amazing places.

As believers in God and followers of Christ, we Rogues understand that God desires for each of us to practice personal ministry. Your personal ministry is whatever you do in partnership with the Trinity to serve the Kingdom of God. Some people lead house churches, some work for homeless/transient organizations. Others have careers that also serve as ministries. As we have stated in previous posts about our platform, God has his people in every part of the world, in every part of life.

Millennials who are believers almost always have some kind of personal ministry. Granted, every Millennial believer is at a different place developmentally. That is why we need Holy Spirit to guide us in letting Him work in us to serve others. And of course, when we serve others, we also tend to grow. Our generation is uniquely qualified, as other generations have been, to serve in the Kingdom of God. Our fluency in technology has enabled us to go global in a way never seen before. Not only are there Millennials serving in person all over the world, there are those (like us Rogues) that serve through the Internet. We are not afraid to use any and all resources to show God’s love to others. We are not afraid to spread the grace around.

Grace is a gift given to us by our loving Father, and He encourages us to show grace to others. Considering that the Millennial generation is so diverse, it is no wonder that we want to extend grace to populations that others consider “unworthy.” Grace is given with or without worth, in that we are made worthy because of Jesus’s sacrifice. Anyone can receive His grace, and once they do, anyone can practice personal ministry. Holy Spirit is there to help us all grow. No strings, no trick questions. It really is that simple.

Take your grace and pass it along! The gift that truly does keep on giving.

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