What’s Your Pleasure?

As we come up on 200 blog friends, thank you everyone for giving us an ear and letting us follow your journeys as well! We’re looking to step up the way we challenge ourselves and each other as well as our audience.

In case you don’t “get it” – we’re having “Growing Pains”

We want to continue taking a hard look at issues.

  • Theological issues – are we sometimes missing the simplicity of the Gospel, and are we sometimes missing the depths of Scripture?
  • Social issues – no surprise here, Millennials are know for being passionate about issues and getting involved. We talked about #MeToo a bit last year and want to delve into climate action among other concerns our generation values
  • Millennial issues – we loving talking about us, and that isn’t always a bad thing! We aren’t obsessed, but we want people to “get” our generation and what we care about
  • Church issues – churches need reform, just like people need to regularly return to God, just like Israel needed to regularly turn back to God. Let’s talk about how!

We also want to hear from YOU. What do you think we need to talk about here at Rogue Millennials? Is there a particular topic you want us to discuss? Is there a question you have, an issue you care about, anything you want to see Millennials do?

We Millennials sure have a lot to say. But we also want to hear from others!

Frasier Crane

We genuinely care about what’s on your mind. Please consider leaving a comment on this post about anything you want from Rogue Millennials. You may also fill out our contact form, located here.

Oin from The Hobbit, with ear horn… we promise, we’re listening!

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