The Pain of a Prodigal: Why Children of Christian Parents Abandon the Faith

From God Interest magazine, some thoughts on why an increasing number of people, particularly Millennials, consider themselves as “Nones” – people without any religious affiliation at all. We think they make some good suggestions about how faith needs to be taught and practiced more in the home – many Millennials grew up with a faith that was “Sunday-morning-only”. If it doesn’t have application throughout the week, why keep it at all? Take Church home with you.

Statistics show a rise in the number of people who hold no religion. For Australia, an official tally shows a steady rise every 10 years. Nat Geo reports that “the religiously unaffiliated, called “nones,” are now… the second largest group in North America and most of Europe.

via The Pain of a Prodigal: Why Children of Christian Parents Abandon the Faith? — GODINTEREST – Christian magazine covering faith, culture and life

5 thoughts on “The Pain of a Prodigal: Why Children of Christian Parents Abandon the Faith

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    1. You nailed it! A 24/7 mindset that God is with us and we are with Him. (Make me think of “Rogue One” – “I am with the Force, and the Force is with me!”
      A book suggestion I should have made in the post – “The Practice of the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence. Written about 350 years ago by a Catholic monk, it is stunning how much hasn’t changed over centuries and denominational lines – he strongly advocates that people need to get out of the rut of thinking “God stuff” is a thing you only do at church, and start living life as if he’s right there with you. Practice his presence, whether walking to town on errands or washing dishes!

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  1. A one hour a week God doesn’t care about your problems or have the power to help you deal with them. One hour a week doesn’t cultivate the relationship with God that is needed to hear His voice and let it break into your daily life.

    I agree with your suggestion of “The Practice…” It absolutely opened my eyes up to the concept that we are immersed in the sacred if we just take the time to see it.

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    1. Amen! Thanks for the thoughts and agreement! I love your words, “immersed in the sacred” – and the insight that we are already immersed, we’re just often not mindful or aware of it! It requires us to take the time and look for it!

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