The Millennial Exodus

“In the minds of many, the evangelical church is known more for what she’s against than for what she’s supposed to be for: bringing light, hope, and great good news to a hurting world. In the public square, the American church has lost her prophetic voice—and now she is losing her future. Millennials are streaming out the door.”

-Carolyn Custis James

“Christianity has an image problem among American youth.”
–David Kinnaman, Barna Group

We Rogues love finding other Believers with the same passions and same insights – click below for an incredible article about the ongoing retreat of Millennials from institutional churches. The good news is that many are finding less traditional (but more original!) ways to express faith in community.

Also, it’s our WordPress anniversary at Rogues! Enjoy it on our behalf!

via The Millennial Exodus

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