The Adventure Continues

Welcome 2

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to all our new followers over the past year! Looking back, it’s been a great adventure – we’re surprised how much we’ve grown.

  • We’ve each grown as writers
  • We’ve each grown in faith and our relationship with God
  • We’ve met new people and grown our community
  • We’ve tackled some hard topics and are ready to do even more
  • We’ve become only more excited about what God is doing!

And really, to God be the glory! Without him, none of our exciting lives would be the rewarding spiritual journeys we yearn for. Thanks for joining us on our adventure into what faith looks like outside of “church” and what “church” could be. We have so much more to explore, and God’s bringing all sorts of relationships and resources together for us to keep growing as we also seek to challenge you!

Our authors have already begun meeting to discuss what next year looks like. (And don’t worry – we’ve got some exciting plans to finish out 2017 in style. Including a challenging look at why the traditional “Hallmark” nativity story distracts us from the gritty truth yet the beautiful purpose of Christ’s birth!)


Which is where you can come in – what would you like to hear about? What puzzles you about Millennials? About their view on faith? About their distaste for organized religion? About their passion for faith yet their hesitance to align with traditional faith institutions?

What topics would you like to hear more about from a rogue point of view – or a Millennial’s point of view? We’ve got some exciting plans already, but we also want to be part of a conversation! Let us know in the comments – or visit our contact form to give us some feedback!



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