God is Ridiculous

Ridiculously awesome, that is! Has God ever given you a promise that is 1000% absolutely, positively RIDICULOUS? Have you ever looked at Him and said, "What?" I have. In the past two years, God has given me a promise that is totally ridiculous. He has done the same thing recently for a close friend. People... Continue Reading →

Why Millennials?

Why Millennials? Our Generation can be the one that makes great change simply because we decide to do something. It’s not that other generations haven’t done something or caused great change; it’s that millennials feel maybe it’s time to accelerate such change or perhaps alter the course of the change. If you are trying to... Continue Reading →

The Millennial Church: How I Envision It

NEWSFLASH!!! Millennials really don’t like church. Its seems like the more time we spend in church, the less and less it has for us. We have to get up early. On a SUNDAY. That’s a weekday! The day before MONDAY! And we get there, and we walk in feeling like the whole church is filled... Continue Reading →

Wildly Out of Context? Revelation 3:16

I hear this passage taken out of context all the time: Revelation 3:16, which says “Because you are lukewarm – neither hot nor cold – I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” Okay... what is being “lukewarm”? The way I often hear this interpreted: God is saying, “Reject me or accept me,... Continue Reading →

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