Weston, 24

Weston: “Why do people feel so out of place with the church? I know a reason why: there’s no room for discussion. No two people will believe the exact same in their faith. But the church allows little room for discussion, for new ideas. The church in my mind is buried, sometimes 2000 years ago, with little to no growth scientifically or socially. If faith could dislodge its lock on the past, it could find a path for a future. It’s not the history I disagree with. It’s the unnecessary need for the past to be the pedestal for all social, educational, and scientific knowledge for the present and future. Even though the church can explain the endgame of what happens to all of us, why would we allow a two thousand year old book to define our scientific knowledge or social change, when these two subjects are forever growing and changing? Why decide that these two realms completely oppose the teachings of God, instead of find a way to pair religion with these factors, hand in hand, furthering the deep roots of relevancy to our people, instead of feeling more and more distant with each passing generation?”

Jared: “So, ‘all truth is God’s truth?’ Science is just uncovering the things God hid in nature for us to find. Sociology is understanding the human connections he made possible. If history teaches us some truth, or psychology or sociology or any other field uncovers some truth, that truth is God’s as well. The Bible never needs ‘rewritten’ but our interpretation of what was written needs to change as we learn new things about our world. Does that seem to sum up your thinking?”

Weston: “That is exactly along my thinking. No new Bible, just new interpretation.”

Image: Weston assisting a street performer in Edinburgh, Scotland

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