Calling All Rogues!

We want to hear from our readers and followers! We want to know what you think. We want to know what points we have made that have stuck out to you, struck a nerve, irritated, empowered, and challenged you to think a little more about our generation and how it interacts with the Church. We want to know how great we are because we are incurable narcissists.

The truth is that as we continue with this blog, we want to open it up as a platform for millennials to voice concerns, give suggestions, and hold open discussion about faith in our westernized culture.

We really, REALLY want you input. The three of us Rogues who have started this blog are just a few snowflakes perched at the tip of the iceberg that millennials make up in our nation and in our Church, and we want to give our generation and those of our faith a voice as a whole.

So, fellow millennials (and others) who are reading and following us, feel free to comment on posts you find interesting. Comment, add to, voice a dissenting opinion! We aren’t fragile! (ok, Andy is a little fragile).

Have questions or topics you want us to write a post on? An opinion you want us to explore? Have you felt challenged by things we have posted or by our criticism of the church establishment? Let us know!

Comment on our posts, on our facebook or twitter pages (Rogue Millennials Facebook Rogue Millennials Twitter) or email us at

Help us grow, help us spread the conversation.



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