The Vast Intimacy of God


One of the strangest, most beautiful qualities of the Holy Trinity is His vast intimacy. What do I mean by that? I am simply referring to God’s totally unique ability to be omnipotent (unlimited power) and exist in vulnerable relationship with others all at the same time. In order to illustrate this wonderful reality further, I have a couple of metaphors for you. (You will learn that this rogue millennial loves to use them.)

In your body, there is an organ. In that organ, there is a cell. And in that cell, is a mitochondrion. Within the mitochondrion, there are many little bits; but the one in my spotlight is the ATP synthase. This little dude’s job is to provide the mitochondrion with energy so that it can do it’s part to keep the cell going. See where I’m going with this? SO, the ATP synthase is like an individual human. The mitochondrion is the planet the human lives on. The cell is the solar system that the mitochondrion travels through. The organ that the cell is part of is the galaxy. And the human body that holds all the organs is the universe. So try to imagine a human talking to an ATP synthase. I’m guessing our little ATP friend would crap himself. Just sayin’.

Try to imagine the entire universe talking to you. Except you know that the universe doesn’t care about you. The universe doesn’t delight in you. The universe doesn’t love you. As beautiful and overwhelmingly complex as it is, the universe doesn’t love you. So does my metaphor end here? Are you left with the aching, empty, vastness of space?

Of course not! There is always more.

You know the One who made that universe. You know the One who lovingly and expertly exploded the stars into existence. You know the one who crafted and evolved every little bit of everything. And best of all, He knows you. He delights in you, He carries you, He mourns with you, He celebrates with you, He convicts you, and He saves you.

He loves you.

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