A Millennial Voice

“The more I study the New Testament, the more I see ambiguity. To a zealot, this might sound heretical. To everyone else it sounds like honesty. There are certainly some direct standards, but in context they are few and far between.

“What I mean is that there is a strange tension in Christianity that almost demands a ‘wisdom from above’ as opposed to the wisdom of myself concerning interpretation. The tension is this awkward place that, by the power of the Spirit, balances Christian liberty with a ‘do unto others’ mentality.

“Maybe the correct question isn’t ‘How do I interpret this’ but rather, ‘How can I take this information, ambiguous or not, and use it to conform to the image of Christ?'”

– Jesse Winn

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Shoals Church of Christ

Jesse Winn is a 25-year-old Millennial pastor, the Preaching Minister at Shoals Church of Christ. Jesse Winn frequently provides a voice of clarity in often contentious faith discussions and is known to drop a treasure trove of wise insights on Facebook.


We hope more Millennials step up to provide leadership in churches across America – but also that churches are ready to listen, even to the young. If you ever journey near Tuscumbia, Alabama, be sure to drop in!

You can find his blog at Shoals Church of Christ Minister’s Blog


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    1. You’re welcome! I think leaning on the Spirit and getting back to biblical basics is critical for church reform – instead of leaning on traditions and the wisdom of what makes a business grow, for example! As more and more Millennials leave college and enter the work world, I hope to see a growing impact from the unique gifts they bring to the table!

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  1. I am really wondering how this young preacher can call himself a pastor? 1 Timothy 3 is very clear as to who are to be pastors. Talking about getting back to the bible and hearing bible preaching then I would love to hear that answer. . . from the bible no doubt.

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    1. It’s a good thought. Be careful to rightly divide the Word though. 1 Timothy 3 says nothing of pastors, but rather elders and deacons. One problem in churches today is people who apply Scriptures where they were never meant to be applied. Which is exactly what this minister is addressing – the honest realization and admission that the Bible isn’t clear on a lot of points and wasn’t written for us to attack other Christians with.
      The judgmental opinions of millions of Christians have driven so many Believers away. Lots of pew-squatters deciding who should and should not call themselves a pastor are among the culprits! Christ called us all to minister to others, no matter what title one uses.


  2. Any church and Christian needs both the Bible and the Holy Spirit. I love how Proverbs 25:2 emphasis that the revelation of God’s Word is in His glory (presence).

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    1. Amen! Truth and Spirit, right? We can’t pick and choose like a salad bar, but we do have to let both aspects of our faith inform each other!


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