The Gospel Is Supposed To Be Good News

Sometimes a Christian author really nails it. We wanted to share this post with you all because it sums up so much of what we like to talk about on our blog. Let’s be honest, the modern American church has the reputation of making people captives to whatever arbitrary and stringent man-made laws are – a judgmental body of believers who decide who is in and who is out based on things God never said is the norm. Yet the Gospel is supposed to be “Good News” – not bad news. Check out Rethink Now’s article on what we’ve missed and where we need to go from here. “It’s time the church starts living and talking about the GOOD news again.”


In America more and more people are seeing the Gospel message as negative. I’ve heard a thousands reasons why, but I think it comes down to how the Gospel is being portrayed. It’s on us, it’s on the church.

At some point we’ve shifted the message of the Gospel to a series of vague eternal threats of damnation.

All throughout the Gospel we are told over and over that this is Good News. From the very first announcement of Jesus we are told that this was a good thing; the best thing. But somewhere along the way we’ve lost the “good” part and just tell people the news. We threaten them with what we think will happen when they die. We love to take a seat on God’s throne and judge people, but rarely do we want to tell them (god forbid show them) the love that’s found for everyone…

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4 thoughts on “The Gospel Is Supposed To Be Good News

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  1. It is too sad when we have messed up the gospel and it is only a thing for salvation. We need to live on that blessed glow of the gospel, daily !! And praise the God who made it all possible for me a sinner saved by His Grace !!

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    1. I love that phrase, blessed glow of the gospel! It should show! We often say, “If the church is a light, it should expect to attract bugs.” The good news is that all of us, in our sinful unattractiveness, are welcomed to the table!

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