Are millennials leaving church? I don’t know, but here’s why I did

“Pastors want to see young butts in the pews, but in the broader scheme of things, church is not limited to a building. Church is other people. ” Great thoughts from Sarahbeth Caplin on why more than just Millennials are walking out of churches – but keeping their faith.

Sarahbeth Caplin

CA4yVTtWkAEJvFd.jpg_largeTo be honest, I’m a little annoyed by all these alarmist-sounding “Why are millennials leaving the church in droves?!” kinds of articles. Okay, not all of them are quite so alarmist. More like…concerned.

There are sources that want to understand, like this one here, and Christian groups that just want a new demographic to make a strawman out of, like this one. And then there are personal blog-style posts that I kinda-sorta, almost-but-not-quite relate to, like this one, which hits many of my own concerns, and yet strays a little further from the points I wish it would make.

The problem is generalizing a demographic that really can’t be put in a box, no matter how large the survey sample. People are complex, as is faith. But Millennials tend to lean this way or that way, studies say. They vote in these patterns and support Issue X over…

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