Is God Just?

A really good read from The Wild Frontier – is God just or is he gracious? Is there a way to put the two together? And when we’re unsure of how we should act, should we always default to grace instead of justice? Some great thoughts here, especially applicable to needing more grace and less legalistic, judgmental attitudes in church. Click the link below to check it out.

Source: Is God Just?

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  1. God gave the law to man. The law has no meaning if man does not try to keep it. Justice is one of the products the law. When law is ignored… well take a look around you. God is just & even if He wasn’t we’d be the last ones capable to judge Him of it. This article is interesting but beneath the surface is the ancient idea that we can make God in our own image, while the reverse is true. Because this man cannot grapple with the necessity of a God who both loves and hates perfectly does not change God, nor the Scriptures.

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    1. It definitely plays with the semantics of “just.” Joseph is called “just” in Scripture even though he did not follow the law. I’ve heard people argue that he followed a higher law, that of grace and love – or that he followed the heart of the law even though that meant not following the letter of the law. I think the most interesting part is the question of whether grace or forgiveness is ever “just”, even though we are called to it.

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  2. The measure of what a thing is always begins and ends with the Creator. What God calls just is just. What we call just is often just an idea of what we feel is justice. Lot is also one of these characters that amazes me with his “righteousness”. Go figure.

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