Thank You To The Generations Before Us

A great thought from Millennial Millions blog, a reminder to all generations. Focusing on the problems previous generations handed you is easy. Focusing on the benefits they handed you is hard.
Focusing on the problems is important. We’re going to have to fix them. But we can’t lose perspective that we’re all in this together, we need to appreciate those who went before and the unique opportunities their hard work provided us.
It’s easy to criticize Boomers or Gen Xers as a Millennial – but then you look around at the actual Boomers and Gen Xers you know and there’s a lot to respect. Our grandparents, our parents, our teachers, our mentors – these are all part of other generations who tried the best, for themselves and for us. Spend some time today thinking on what God has given you through those He sent before you.

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