Ministry Spotlight: Love Local

helpinghand1By now, many of you know that we like to discuss both serving and giving on this website. One of the most important things to us as Rogue Millennials is practical application of faith. Giving to and serving others is just about as practical as it gets! So, in an effort to provide our dear readers with real opportunities to both give and serve, I want to tell you about a local impact ministry here in Knoxville, TN that has captured my heart.

Love Local is run through Beaver Dam Baptist Church in the Halls community of North Knoxville. Halls is an interesting community, in that it runs that gamut of lower working class families to upper middle class ones. Because of this, the community has a vast continuum of needs. The Love Local ministry at BDBC is vital to the provision of resources for the residents of Halls. It is led by a tightly knit group of women of all ages with a common goal of glorifying God and serving others. According to the church’s website, Love Local

…reaches out into the neighborhoods where God planted this church 230 years ago. This outreach involves feeding neighbors both physically and spiritually. In recent years, this ministry continues to grow into many elements of everyday life.

I regularly partner with this group of women in my line of work at an elementary school in that community. With their help, many of my school’s students and their families have been provided with extra food, clothing, money for paying overdue bills, and just about anything else you can think of. This amazing ministry helps to pair students with adult mentors that meet with them during the school year.

Jesus intends for us to meet one another’s needs in tangible, practical ways, and this impact ministry goes above and beyond. If you’re close to the North Knoxville area and looking for a way to give your time, please consider visiting Beaver Dam Baptist to find out more about Love Local. If you are more interested in giving your money, please click here to go to the church’s e-giving page. There is a space there to designate funds to the Love Local ministry.

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