A Breakup Letter to Theology

From a Rogue friend’s blog, Borderland – check out what Adam McBroon is up to, bringing a Millennial view to Theology and Faith!


Dear Theology,

This is hard for me to say, and I don’t know where to start…

But I think we should take a break…I think we should see other people…I need some space…you get the idea.

I’m breaking up with you, and I want you to understand why.

When this whole thing started between us, it was new and exciting. You seemed so intense, complex, mysterious; and dare i say it, sexy. We had this whirlwind romance between us and it seemed so perfect. I even had part of my identity wrapped up in you as an aspiring theologian.

But things have changed, because I’ve had some realizations, and it’s only fair that I make them known to you.

Sometimes, you really seem to love drama.

One would think that studying you would help to bring believers closer together and unify them. Not really. I can’t tell you how many…

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3 thoughts on “A Breakup Letter to Theology

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    1. He’s insightful! I know how important good theology is – but it’s true, if it just becomes academic “knowing ABOUT God” and we lose touch of “knowing God Himself” then we miss a huge part of faith – relationship!

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      1. Yes, I wrote something similar myself recently about how it’s easier and more comfortable to read about the Bible than to actually read the Bible. ((It’s funny how ideas like that can sync up in your life from various sources to really help make a message real!)

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