I am Second


Jim Munroe: a Christian and an illusionist. At 29 he was diagnosed with a rare leukemia, his immune system attacking his own body. This remarkable testimony tells how he found faith, survived leukemia, and the stunning parallels he discovered between God rescuing him physically and God rescuing us spiritually. To defeat leukemia, he was emptied of his own blood and then filled with another person’s blood and immune system. He lives because someone else lives in him. He shares how Christ has done the same for each of us, if we empty ourselves and welcome Christ into our lives.

Rogue Millennials are big advocates of having our own personal ministries – especially sharing your personal testimony. Anyone can debate inscriptions on stone and their relevance to the historicity of Bible passages – but no one can debate the relevance of your own personal experience in faith. Your relationship with God is always your greatest apologetic. In 1 Peter 3:15, the apostle Peter says, “Always be ready to articulate a reason to anyone who asks why you have the hope that you carry.” Your own story of how God has interacted with you, what he has accomplished in your life, how you see him moving in the world is always an encouragement to believers and helps outsiders see that a relationship with God is a most valuable treasure even when “church” or “organized religion” hasn’t done right by you.

“I am Second” is a movement of Christians who share their testimonies, reminding people that God comes first. You can find their videos on youtube and be encouraged! Be encouraged that God is at work in our world and be encouraged that your testimony is just as powerful when shared with friends, family, coworkers – in the midst of your own personal ministry. Why do you volunteer at that school? Why do you give money to that good cause? Why are you always available to help others? Why do you have the hope that you have? Share your answer. Most of us don’t have testimonies as dramatic as Jim Munroe’s – but they are just as personal, just as real, just as important.

Check out Jim Munroe’s testimony with “I am Second” here: I am Second


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