Asleep at the wheel?

When it comes to reaching Millennials and keeping them in the faith, churches seem overwhelmingly asleep at the wheel. From a recent Pew survey:

“Whereas 85% of the Silent Generation (born 1928-1945) call themselves Christians, just 56% of today’s younger Millennials (born 1990-1996) do the same, even though the vast majority – about eight in 10 – were raised in religious homes.”

The article concludes with a rather convicting assessment: “To put it simply: Older generations of Americans are not passing along the Christian faith as effectively as their forebears.” – Millennials leaving church in droves

Their findings on “younger Millennials” (defined as today’s 21 to 27 year olds) are nothing short of shocking. All studies show faith on a precipitous decline among youngsters. Those of us who have held to our faith have become an incredibly important resource for churches, one increasingly rare. Only we can speak fully into why the faith still appeals to us AND what about the church has driven out our peers.

Community faith requires periodic reform. God values periodic reform. The way faith is headed in America (…the way America is headed in general…) cries for reform.

Churches, ministries and faith communities that do not regularly and intentionally open up dialogues with Millennials will continue losing relevance – in a world that very much needs a relevant Church.


Photo credit: Matthew Christopher, abandoned church in Philadelphia, PA

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