Andrew, age 30

How would you describe “church” – what does it mean to you?

“Church is not a building but rather a group of people who make up the Church called the Body. Believers who come together to worship the Lord, to study and grow in truth and to encourage and love others. The church is not a business and shouldn’t be a business. It should allow use of the gifts that God has given others and shouldn’t make decisions based on growth and numbers.”

“If you go to a church it should be a Bible teaching, God fearing, God honoring church. It should love its members and build them up and encourage them in word, spirit and truth. If your church is preaching the truth, worshipping God in song and service, and is ministering to all believers AND nonbelievers its doing its job… I believe the church should reach out to all and be keen on helping and growing all types of people. Love as God loved us, serve as he served us, preach as he preached to us, and BE the church – don’t just GO to church to be served.”

“We are wanting to BE the church so that God gets the glory – not us. We see how God used ordinary people to further his Kingdom and we just want to be able to do that as we grow our relationship with the Lord.” – Andrew


Pictured: Andrew serving the Lord on a Guatemala medical mission.

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